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Acerca de Akanis

  • Full benefit of the WinTV long-standing experience

Thanks to WinTV long-standing experience in the lottery technology, AKANIS Technologies constantly innovates its drawing machine in terms of flexibility, reliability and design. The main feature of WinTV drawing machines is its elegant design and user friendliness. The whole drawing equipment is made in France and the industrial parts used in our drawing systems are of the highest quality.

  • Blowing system

The blowing technology provides a spectacular draw as in TV. It makes the draw easier to use: a push button starts the draw without any effort!

Thanks to the blowing technology, the draw becomes more transparency and adds to the visibility of the balls during the whole draw. With the security and the real attraction of the draw, the success of your draw is guaranteed.

  • Drawing Machines for each game

AKANIS Technologies created several machines to fulfill your expectations. Each machine can adapt to the specificity of your lottery games: Lotto, Keno, Bingo, Joker. As one of our main features, the machines can be customized to the image of your brand.